The Woman's Club


As The Woman’s Club of Richmond was about to embark on their 125th anniversary, it was the perfect time to update their brand and tell the story of The Woman's Club and The Bolling Haxall House.

Nimbl Marketing hired Creative Arm to update their brand strategy, refresh The Woman’s Club identity and tell their brand story in a way that encapsulates their history but is relevant to who they are today.

The first deliverable was a brand guide that featured a new set of logos that unified The Woman’s Club and The Bolling Haxall House Foundation along with a new color palette and design elements that stemmed from the house. 

Our process involved interviewing many of the women from the club, attending several of their events, and learning the history of The Bolling Haxall House, home of the club and a famous historical venue. 

Photographer, Brian Camp, joined us as we did our research. He photographed the women at these events, took photos of The Bolling Haxall house, and took portraits of some of the members.

Brand Book


To help celebrate their 125th anniversary, we created a brand book that tells the story of The Woman's Club and was distributed to their members to commemorate.