Barely There "Invisible Look"

Barely There's intimate apparel sales were rapidly declining and they were lacking brand recognition in a category saturated with sexy women in sexy bras. 

While at The Martin Agency, Amy helped created a break-through campaign that pointed out (no pun intended) that it’s also important to consider what a bra looks like with your clothes on.


The campaign had the number-one highest recall in fall fashion magazines, 

was a Kelly Awards finalist, won a gold OBIE for out of home, and received other awards.



The website was updated and offered a “have fun” section where women could create and burn their most memorable “there” bra.


Bi-monthly emails delivered the news of new products, specials and seasonal interactive fun.


Online ads encouraged women to interact with the creative and drove traffic to the website.

A viral video warned women about the funny shapes “there” bras can make under their clothes and won a WIN award from The Women’s Image Network



The work was featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Ad Age and others.