Apparent Insurance

An international insurance company saw an opportunity to create a new kind of auto insurance company that caters to the needs of parents. As parents ourselves, Creative Arm was hired to help shape the company starting from the ground up.

We partnered with The Mom Complex and worked with parents from across the country to create an insurance company designed for families called Apparent. 

We helped design the services the company should offer, the name and identity of the brand, a program that will continue to allow parents to shape the company, and the advertising materials that recently launched the brand in Austin, Texas.


"It's a parent" :30

"It's a parent" :15

"Teen driving app" :15

"Family-Size Rental Car Match" :30

The making of

The Brand Identity

The Apparent name and logo

Apparent Brand Identity

After exploring over 100 names and working with our panel of parents during the process, we all agreed on the name Apparent.

Logo usage was defined in the brand guide along with color, typography, tone of voice, and more.

The Brand Story

brand manifesto

The brand guide featured the brand manifesto which encapsulated the spirit of the brand and influenced much of the advertising and marketing materials.

The Parent Panel


A group of parents with children of all ages helped us form the company from the beginning and continue to work with us today.

The Apparent Parent Panel

The Parent Panel Facebook Group


We continue to engage with the parent panel via a private Facebook group.


Bi-weekly activities enable them to share their experiences, stories, and opinions with us.


They help us with everything from naming products to providing thoughts on the advertising.



We worked with Collab on the website to make it parent-friendly, easy-to-use, and offer a customized quote journey.


The quote process begins by selecting what stage of life the parent's in.


Content from the Parent Panel is also featured on the site.

Coming soon!

Apparent's brand awareness and policy sales are growing rapidly. Feedback has been very positive and we're excited for the future of this brand. We can't wait until it comes to Virginia.