Slay Like a Mother

  When Katherine Wintsch wrote a self-help book, Slay Like a Mother, to encourage mothers around the world to destroy what’s holding them back so they can live the life they want, she knew it was bigger than just a book — it was a movement. 

Creative Arm was hired to help create the brand’s visual identity with a cohesive look, feel and voice that could be used across all media.

We started with a brand guide to set rules for logo usage, colors, fonts and photography direction.



A manifesto was written that encapsulated the spirit of Katherine’s brand.

Creative Arm then worked with BLDR  to design a website that’s more than a book — it’s a platform for the movement where woman can share & learn from each other’s stories and “slays”.

We designed an Email template and visual identity system for Slay’s social media.

Email Templates