Oreo "Wonderfilled"

While Kristen was at The Martin Agency, she spent many years working on Oreo Cookies.

From packaging to the Oreo Mini's campaign, Kristen helped bring a little wonder to the wonderfilled campaign.

Oreo Packaging


Historically, Oreo used their packaging to show recipes. 

Kristen's team knew it could be a little bit more Wonderfilled, so they created a series of Oreo Pick-Up Lines to greet customers when they picked up, and turned over, a pack.

Oreo + Milk


Oreo and Milk were put on this earth to be together. They had to have been; they’re the perfect couple. As a tribute to the duo, we created a series of labels for milk cartons, evolving the "voice of cookie" and Wonderfilled graphic language that we had developed for other Oreo projects.

They made us happy, made people in grocery stores happy, and made the front page of Nylon online.

Milk Partnership Packaging


Oreo Minis Print Campaign


Oreo Minis are the little cookies that make a big impact. Working with Serial Cut, Kristen’s team created this pair of print ads completely out of cut paper. Down to the little mini, paper Oreo details. 


Oreo Minis OOH