How we work


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We believe the branding process should include creative minds along with strategic ones, right from the beginning. The melding of these two skills generates more thoughtful questions, different perspectives, and ideas that enrich the process. 

With that said, creative + strategy work together throughout the following stages:



At Creative Arm, we see ourselves as an extension of your brand. We live and breathe it. And to do this, we dive deep into who you are as a brand. How? We begin by auditing your current marketing materials and the competitive landscape. Next, we'll interview your employees and audiences. We'll build a deep understanding of your brand’s culture and define what makes you tick. And as we unearth your core strengths and business truths, we'll find actionable opportunities for growth.



Armed with all the necessary information, we develop a brand messaging strategy with architectures for different audiences. This brand architecture gives us, and you, a guide for staying relevant and connected to the people who matter — outlining who to target, what their mindsets are, and what messages will resonate with them. It requires an on-going monitoring of communications effectiveness and competitor behaviors. In the ever-changing world, your brand architecture needs to be a living, breathing document — not something that sits on a shelf. 



Now that we know where the opportunities are, and what it takes to get there – it’s time to create the work that the rest of the world will see. We start with an exploration of a brand platform — the big, umbrella idea that creatively represents who you are. This platform generates creative ways to attract, engage, and connect with your target at every relevant touch point. The elements that live within this umbrella can range from your brand’s identity (logo, packaging, product) to advertising materials (digital, social, TV, outdoor, radio, experiences, etc.).  As an extension of your marketing team, we create hard-working assets that serve as powerful extensions of your brand.



What makes Creative Arm unique is that we want to get you to a point that you no longer need us. We give you the creative and strategic tools you need to take back over your marketing and advertising once we get your brand platform up and running. You won’t need to call us for every little thing, but we’ll be here to help whenever you need us. And we provide campaign and/or brand guidelines along with all the assets you need to be able to continue on your own.

This process is circular because brands need to evolve as they grow. You have to continue to discover, strategize and create to keep momentum. So while brand platforms are designed to last for years, they do need to be refreshed to stay relevant.